By: Blonde One

On the recent Bronze DofE practice expedition we had a new member of staff with us. We had never been on expedition with him before so didn’t know what his skill set would be. We knew he had experience of the outdoors and we knew he was good company but that was all.

It turned out that he was amazing. He worked brilliantly with his group on all aspects of their trip. He taught all sorts of useful skills to his team and others, and dealt with issues quickly and with ease. It didn’t take us long to realise that he was a safe, reliable pair of hands who could be left to get on with the job in hand. Brilliant! I look forward to having him along on more expeditions in the near future.

The only thing remaining is to give him a ‘Blonde’ name. I can’t think of anything suitable for a minute, so watch this space …

Mr Reliable

Mr Capable