By: Blonde One

The latest DofE trip to Exmoor taught me many things. I learned new things about the team, about myself, about wildlife (mostly flies) and about sun cream.

I thought I knew quite a bit about sun cream already. I knew that the higher the factor, the longer you can stay out in the sun without burning. I knew that they all smell good. I knew that they lose an average of a factor of 5 for every year that they sit in the cupboard.

What I didn’t know however, was that sun cream is a very effective substance to clean the permanent pen off your laminated map. This discovery was made by accident by the Gold DofE team and they couldn’t wait to share their it with us. In the past I have used nail varnish remover (no good if you are actually wearing nail varnish) or meths (a bit dangerous if you’re anywhere near a naked flame), but using sun cream is most definitely going to be my preferred method from now on. My map will now be pen free, smell beautiful and not get sun burnt!

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