By: Blonde One

It seems that yesterday was a Mum and daughter day for the Two Blondes. There was some concern that the Two Blondes had had a bit of a falling out since we were destined to not see each other for a whole weekend. This indeed is a rare weekend when the Two Blondes do not have a reason to see each other!

It turns out that we both spent the day with our lovely daughters. Ironically we ended up being very close to each other without knowing it. Neither of us had discussed where we would be this weekend but we ended up within a couple of miles of each other! We often joke about our telepathic powers but I’m beginning to think there is actually some truth to it.

Whilst Blonde Two was snowdrop hunting, I spend a lovely day with Little Miss Blonde hunting steep hills! Yes you read that right: Little Miss Blonde felt that she was in need of some practice walking up big hills with a heavy bag. So, like a good mother should, I took her to find some. Dartmoor is full of steep hills so finding some was an easy task. Getting up them was certainly not easy though. Little Miss Blonde did brilliantly and beat me to the top of every single one!

In America (I think) they have a ‘take your daughter to work day’. This is the Two Blondes equivalent.

We had a really good day and were very satisfied with our efforts.