By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes have done it again. We have managed to be out on Ten Tors training on Mothers Day. So when the rest of you lucky mums are lying in bed, waiting for your soggy Weetabix and cold, over-milky tea; have a thought for us Blondes who have probably been up since five o’clock, on a cold drizzly Dartmoor, making sure that that a load of other people’s children are up and packed for their day’s walk, and searching for a private place to have a wee (we won’t find one unless we remembered to get up at 4.30!)

Apologies are due, of course, to the ‘other people’ whose children we have stolen, and who won’t get their soggy, milky breakfast in bed.

Now, we Blondes are hoping that Blonde-One-Mum and Blonde-Two-Mum are reading this blog post. If you are, we are sorry for being absent yet gain. We love you and are thinking of you. Here are some Dartmoor flowers for you.  Happy Mother’s Day!Heather and Gorse