By: Blonde Two

As I left the house with Harry-the-Jack this morning, the local crows were making a murderous noise.  On Dartmoor, one of my favourite birds is the Raven.  Crows apparently prefer populated areas whilst Ravens are less sociable and happy with the company of cattle and sheep.  This probably explains why I don’t remember ever seeing them together.

The easiest way to tell them apart is by their call; Ravens say “Kronk, kronk,” or “Gronk, gronk,” and Crows say “Caw, caw.”   The collective nouns are fun (although I often only see single Ravens) most people know “a murder of Crows” but “a conspiracy of Ravens” is one that I had to look up.  “Conspiracy” makes the Ravens sound mysterious and I think really suits them.

Imagine if they did live together, we would have a murderous conspiracy on our hands!

PS  The lovely Crow photo above isn’t mine, I borrowed it from here