By: Blonde Two

I haven’t, until recent years, been good at voting.

That is to say, until last year’s European Union vote (I refuse to use that ridiculous ‘B’ word) I hadn’t ever executed my constitutional right and put a ballot paper into a box.

I had a few reasons (not necessarily good) but to be honest the main one was that I didn’t feel qualified to make a judgement on who should be running the country.

Things change though don’t they when you see something you deeply care about being poorly done by. In my case this was education.

Don’t worry this isn’t a political post but I was a tad amused on Thursday morning when I found myself at the polling station for the second time only, but once again without my bra.

I am not sure I would have made a good suffragette although I can be pretty feisty when my dander is up and my ideals threatened (do ladies have danders?) but I like the idea of bra burning as a demonstrative gesture (mind you these days I see bras as supportive friends rather than restrictive enemies!)

Sadly my arrival sans brassiere had nothing to do with militancy or brave stands on either voting occasion. Last time I had been swimming and forgotten to pack one and this year I have had a little operation that has left stitches in an inconvenient bra-strap position.

Would I burn my bras though, if I thought it would make a difference to current education policy?

Of course I would, but maybe not the expensive, super holding-up ones… my world would be a saggier place without those and walking would be most uncomfortable!