By: Blonde One

It’s about this time of the week when I begin to get questions related to the next weekend’s walk from our Ten Tors teams. I sometimes get very irritated as a constant stream of questions come my way about a variety of different subjects. My psychic powers are in fine working order as I confirm:

The weather will be rainy and cold at the weekend (I know this without looking at a weather forecast)!

We will arrive back at home at between 6 and 7pm (I know this because that’s the time we always get back home).

One jumper and t-shirt will not be enough to keep you warm as we camp out on Friday night (I know this because even if the forecast says it will be mild, Dartmoor is a colder than average place).

2 litres of water plus a flask of hot drink will be enough for a day walk (I know this because that’s what teenagers always need and 1 litre will result in me giving up some of my water).

The list is endless really of questions that need answering before an expedition. I have come to the realisation over the years that these questions are more about needing reassurance than an actual need for answers. I think this is the reason why no-one ever questions why and how I know all of these answers so far away from the expedition. But if being psychic helps to calm some nerves then – move over Mystic Meg!