By: Blonde One

The Two Blondes on our last expedition saw lots of road signs informing us very kindly that the road would be closed on a particular day that week. We were very grateful that these roads weren’t closed when we were there as there would have been a lot of faffing: rewriting route cards, rerouting expedition teams, etc, etc. We wondered why so many roads were due to be closed and then after half a day sneezing our way around lanes with overgrown, hayfever inducing hedges, we worked it out. Obviously there was to be a mass hedge cutting excercise! We approved wholeheartedly of this organisational feat and were full of admiration for the local council who not only avoided our expedition days but prewarned everyone which hedges were for the chop. The hedges were very beautiful and full of lovely flowers but they were a bit of a pain. Each lane was reduced in width by about a metre, visibility around corners was hampered and Blonde One and Little Miss Blonde suffered a lot from runny eyes and noses. We declared a National Hedge Cutting Day (and about time too!).

It was with some dismay that 2 days after our expedition I drove the Lovely Landy through some of the lanes in question only to discover that the hedges were intact! What was going on? Why the ‘road closed’ signs then? After a few metres I realised that the roads had been resurfaced! The sticky black stuff flicked up the car and the million little stones hitting the paintwork caused me to rethink my admiration of the council!