By: Blonde Two

This week has been National Parks week, during which all sorts of ourdoorsy people have been celebrating our wonderful National Parks. If you haven’t visited a National Park yet this week, you could come up and see us today at the Visitor Centre in Princetown (where we will be launching a very important book); or you could use the friendly and informative ‘Blonde National Parks Tick List’ below to demonstrate your love for the UK’s ‘Breathing Spaces.’

In which of the fab fifteen National Parks have you:
1. Swam in a mucky-looking bottomless pool?
2. Sang from the top of a tor as the sun went down?
3. Talked at length to a tall man-shaped rock? (Or was he a rock-shaped man?)
4. Laughed so much that your sides hurt?
5. Cried with pride?
6. Fallen up to your thighs into a bog?
7. Crawled out of your icy tent at five in the morning?
8. Made friends that you will never forget?
9. Been bitten by hordes of horse flies?
10. Been broken and been rescued?
11. Eaten mince pies as the December sun went down?
12. Decorated your friend with pasty flakes?
13. Watched whole tents fly past your eyes?
14. Walked past a creepy forest in the dark?
15. Found the inner-peace that you were looking for?

I am sure that you will be able to guess what our answer will be… if you haven’t done these things yourself, then I suggest that you pack a bag, pick up your compass and map and take yourself off to your nearest National Park right now!