By: Blonde Two

This week (that is seven days!) is National Parks Week. This is very exciting because our National Parks are fantastic and need a bit more attention and funding than the current government appears to be prepared to give them.

We all love our National Parks and expect them to … well, just be there. In order for that to happen, funding needs to be generated. In order to help this, we Blondes have decided that there are a few Blonde-Rules that should be followed during National Parks Week:

B2 Fernworthy Gate

1. It should be compulsory for everyone to visit (or book a visit to) a National Park. Dartmoor would be a very good choice!
2. Every resident in a National Park should go out and say something very friendly to a visitor. Yep, that is right, even that one with the huge motor caravan who is blocking your gateway!
3. Everyone who is in a National Park (visitors or residents) should go and buy something nice from a National Park Visitor Centre. Especially if it is one of our Dartmoor Blonde books.
4. Everyone who sees a National Park Ranger, should blow them a kiss. They work very hard and have to wear green polo shirts!
5. Everyone who visits a National Park this week, should tell at least three other people how brilliant it was. This will be particularly easy if the National Park in question was Dartmoor.