By: Blonde One

Well, are you a native or an immigrant? You might think that I’m being very un-PC here so let me explain …

The Two Blondes have recently learned some new phrases at work which neither of us like really. Apparently if you are 20 years old or younger you are classified as a digital native: in other words you have grown up in the digital age and can easily use any new piece of technology that you come across! This is certainly true of Little Miss Blonde who is very comfortable with all things technical. If you are unlucky enough to be the grand old age of 21 or more then you are a digital immigrant! There are so many things wrong with these new classifications. Firstly, I object (very strongly) to being too old for something by such a long way (I’m not telling you how far away!). Secondly, I don’t think I like being called an immigrant. It has connotations of not belonging and I very definitely do belong. Thirdly, Blonde Two is very good at digital things. For instance she knows how to change the photo at the top of this page: impressive hey?! Fourthly, it’s not my fault! When I was at school (yes I can still remember that far back) there were only 8 computers in the whole building. If you think that’s a shock, wait for the next bit … Only the boys were allowed to use them!!! I will leave you to decide if my school was like this because it was so many decades ago, or if it was just plain old fashioned and perhaps a little bit post! So you see, if my school had spent more money on computers and not been so sexist (they also insisted that girls did needlework while boys did metalwork) then I too would be firmly placed in the digital age.

That’s my excuse and I’m very firmly sticking to it!