By: Blonde One

We often sing the praises of the Dartmoor that we encounter while walking but we don’t very often tell tales of the nature we see from the Landy. Sunday was a great nature spotting journey. On the way past a patch of woodland we encountered a fawn. When I say ‘encountered’ it was a little too close for comfort: he almost ran into the car! Even so, it was lovely to see.

On the way back, another creature ran in the road in front of us: this time a much smaller animal. I confidently identified it as a shrew and Blonde Two politely agreed. It was only after a few minutes that I remembered that the word I wanted was not shrew but stoat. (Anyone who was listening to our conversation at Foxtor would agree that I was having trouble with words that day.) It was a stoat that we saw, and it was very nice to see it. I have only ever seen one once before on Dartmoor and it was in a similar location. I found some fascinating information about them. For instance stoats’ superpowers are bendiness and hypnosis, and the names for males and females is Jack and Jill! Have a look for yourself: