By: Blonde Two

Yesterday’s post discussed some of the things that the Two Blondes would like to do on a variety of Dartmoor’s more interestingly named tors.  One of the lovely things about writing a blog (it still thrills us after 18 months of daily blogging) is finding and reading the comments that our lovely Blondees and Blondettes have left for us to read.  We are gratified to let you know that to date, 2953 comments have been made.  Now admittedly, some of them were from our Blondselves but we are nonetheless still pleased.

Which leads me on to today’s post which met its beginnings in a question from one of our commenters.  This clever Blondee wanted to know if there was a Naughty Tor on Dartmoor and I believe he was suggesting that the Two Blondes should go and sit on it for a while as a reminder not to use euphemisms.

We Blondes are happy to go and sit on any tor so if someone can let us have a grid reference, we will organise a “Naughty-Tor-Sitting-Party”.  In the meantime, it has been an interesting exercise deciding which misdemeanours would warrant a spell on Naughty Tor (should it actually exist).  Here are a few but I am sure that you can think of some more;

1.  Tor Stealing.  Blonde One has a hankering after a Dartmoor Tor feature in her garden.  We haven’t found a portable one yet, but should we ever do so … would we be tempted?  We have kind of stolen a tor in that we found one without a name and claimed it for our own.  It is on private land and far too big to move but Blonde Tor will be ours for ever more!

2.  Tor Renaming.  I am afraid we do this an awful lot (bad Blondes).  For instance, Chat Tor once became “Chav Tor” because of the messy looking bunch of lovelies we once took up there.  I have no idea what “Nipple Tor’s” real name is but I am sure Blonde One knows and when you look at it, the name seems very apt.  I am afraid I really can’t tell you what our lot now call Sittaford Tor but think “loo-stop” and you will have a very good idea.

3.  Tor Avoidance.  Blonde One is not as guilty of this as I am.  I seem to have a mental block when it comes to climbing certain tors.  I have walked all around the Sittaford area many times and never made the ascent (I refer you to naughty act number two).  Watern Tor always escapes me, despite having sent scores of kids there. And what Dartmoor loving Blonde would dare to admit to never reaching Dartmoor’s summit on High Willhayes?

If you can think of any more transgressions that should be punishable (maybe the wrong word) by a spell on Naughty Tor, do let us know and we will tell you whether or not we are guilty.  And please, don’t forget … someone needs to let us know where Naughty Tor actually is!