By: Blonde Two

Question:  Where do you weigh a pie?

Answer:  Somewhere over the rainbow!

Should you ever choose to use this joke, may I recommend bursting into song at this point.  This will either serve to explain the fact that “Weigh a pie” sounds a bit like “Way up high.” or it will distract from the fact that you have just made a very poor attempt at humour.

The above article in the Guardian would suggest that, in actual fact, Judy Garland was being a bit Blonde when she sang E.R. Harburg’s lyrics. This is because the laws of physics dictate that it is impossible to fly “Somewhere over the rainbow.”

This is a shame because we Blondes are all in favour of “The dreams that we dare to dream,” really coming true.

All hope is not lost, however because on Wednesday, Not-at-all-Blonde and I discovered that despite her being unable to fly over a rainbow, she was capable of making one appear from the tip of her tongue.NAAB Rainbow

It was a particularly beautiful rainbow in some typically wet Dartmoor rain.  Here is another picture for you. Double Rainbow 2