By: Blonde Two

The little Jelly Babies in my rucksack have been out on so many expeditions now that they are getting quite proficient at map and compass navigation.  They are feeling very pleased with themselves and asked if they could give you some Jelly Tips – so here we go:

1.  Make a team decision on where you are going, we fancied a trip to Drizzlecombe.

2.  Do not let one team member make a stupid decision and set off on his own – (not so) Brilliant wanted to climb High Willhayes just because he likes rude words.

3.  Line the side of the compass up along the path which you want to take.  In this case the we will be following Edward’s Path.

4.  Keeping the compass still on the map, turn the bezel until North lines up with North on the map.  This is tricky if you are small and sticky.

5.  Pick the compass up (careful, it is heavy) and turn it so that North on the compass lines up with the needle (which actually does point North).

6.  Check where the direction of travel arrow is pointing and walk in that direction.  It helps to have one navigator checking that the team is walking on the bearing.


Don’t forget to join in with our Easter Jelly Baby event and take your Jelly Babies out for a walk.  Join in and make a donation to Dartmoor Rescue.  See where the Jelly Babies have been so far on our “Where’s Your Baby” page.