By: Blonde One

Copyright Ordnance Survey

If you want to find a pinpoint feature that you’ve seen on a map, you need to have at least one attack point to get to it. In this case we were at Hameldown Beacon and wanted to go and find the two cairns that are at the right of the map screenshot. We could have set a bearing from our location and walked directly to the cairn. There were two reasons that we didn’t: 1. the route was very prickly and I didn’t have long trousers or gaiters. 2. It would have been easy to get the bearing slightly off and miss the cairn completely.

Here’s what we did instead:

We walked south down the path 500 meters to get to the feature on the contours. Although the contour feature on the map is very small, the re-entrant was very clear from the path. This was our first attack point.

Next we followed the contour feature for approximately 25 meters east downhill towards the water feature.


It was again obvious when we got to this feature as we began to get wet feet and the cutting flattened out.

From this final attack point it was a straightforward, short leg to navigate slightly uphill the 200 meters to the cairns which were easily visibly now.