By: Blonde One

As you know, I’ve been to two very different islands this summer. They are both stunning but in very unique ways.

The Isle of Man rises to an impressive 621 metres, it has a road race track that screams at drivers to speed up, the bends in the road are so sharp that only the nuttiest of drivers will not be scared, from its summit you can see all of the United Kingdoms, the fog can be so thick one minute that you can’t see the steps you’ve just taken and so sunny the next that sunglasses are necessary, the hills are so steep that vertigo is to be expected. Generally speaking this island has ‘attitude’ in abundance!


The Isles of Scilly, in contrast, is so gentle and unassuming that it almost goes unnoticed. It rises a mere 49 metres above sea level and the climbs are so gentle that you hardly feel them. It harmoniously nestles in the Atlantic ocean just off Cornwall and does not shout about itself or expect anyone else to do so. Days here are long and slow with a soundtrack of waves and sea birds. It is the most gentle and peaceful place I think I have ever been and it is all the more stunning because of its lack of ‘attitude’.