By: Blonde One

So far for the Two Blondes 2017 has been excellent. We have several very exciting things coming up that we’ll tell you about soon, we already have some lovely people booked onto our navigation workshops, Blonde Two’s writing career is going from strength to strength and my new school is turning out to be the best thing ever! We’re less than a month into the new year but it is showing us that it’s going to be full of excitement, adventure and opportunity.

One of the most significant new beginnings for me is my move to a new school. I’ve always loved my job: both the teaching and the involvement with Outdoor Education. Moving to Trinity School in Teignmouth has renewed my enthusiasm hugely though. I have settled well into this new environment and am benefitting from the community feel that this school does so well. There are so many things to recommend this school. There’s the fascinating history which includes being a convent and having a cemetery in the grounds. The view down to the sea is stunning. The buildings are an excellent mix of new and old and have as many wood panelled corridors as computer suites and science labs. School days often begin with a visit to chapel for hymn practice. Staff and students are both enthusiastic about teaching and learning. Great value is placed on Outdoor Education. It almost sounds like an advert doesn’t it?! The difference is that adverts can’t always be trusted to be true!

There’s even classrooms suitably named for Blonde One and Blonde Two! What more can I say?