By: Blonde One

Recently there has been a new Blonde visiting the Blonde One residence: let’s call her Friend of Little Miss Blonde (FLMB for short). She is very lovely and most welcome to visit anytime but she is quite, quite Blonde. She is quite well travelled, very independent, an intelligent business woman and also just a little bit ditsy! She fits in perfectly. We spent a lovely afternoon at the beach hut and we ended up having a Blonde conversation. This conversation had the topic of ‘Blonde’ and also had a’ Blonde’ style. FLMB decided that it’s really hard work being Blonde. Sometimes people expect you to conform to the stereotype and sometimes people expect you to prove the stereotype wrong: it’s confusing to know when to behave in what way! Much laughter followed, along with many Blondisms. I asked the question ‘why was I not quite as ‘Blonde’ as Little Miss Blonde or FLMB’. The answer from them both was simple: I was more experienced at being Blonde and therefore better at it! Obvious really(?)!