By: Blonde Two

The question of exactly how many Dartmoor tors there are is an impossible one to answer (please feel free to disagree). Some of them have no name, some of them have lots of names and they are fairly well spread out.

We Blondes can’t tell you how many tors we have visited. Even between us, we haven’t visited them all. Everyone has their favourite but sometimes you can get stuck in a rut and visit the same ones over and over again.

Which is why it was such a pleasure to sit on a new one during this week’s walk with Not-at-all-Blonde.Stannon Tor

Stannon (meaning stoney) Tor sits in understated splendour between the southern end of Ferworthy Forest and Postbridge. It does not shout about itself and you could easily miss it but it has such a far-reaching set of views that it is well worth seeking out. Favourites like Hamel Down, Great Mis Tor and Yar Tor can be seen and you get a real sense of being mid-moor.