By: Blonde Two

The post title above sounds like it has been written by a Blonde who is in the throes of optimism and excitement.  In truth, life seems a bit pants at the moment (a strange phrase when you consider just how useful pants actually are).

I won’t bore you with the details, but I will tell you my story of new hope (although there was nothing at all wrong with the old hope).  Those of you who have been with us Blondes for a while may remember that our favourite winter sitting place is on a rock underneath our Dartmoor Christmas Tree (I am sorry if you thought it was yours but we have adopted it).  You may also remember that back in March some violent vagabond did a rather rough job of sawing our tree in half.  We were very sad about this but have continued to visit Tree.  We have tidied up around him and talked to him in kind voices and are pleased to report that all is well.  Tree is not defeated and, in fact, appears to be growing lots of lovely new green bits on all of his branches and even out of his mangled trunk.DSC_1517Despite the current pantsness of life, I am convinced that this sign of new hope is part of Dartmoor’s magic.  If this is true then all I have to do is to visit the moors again and I will feel rejuvenated. This is very good news as the Two Blondes are going to be up on Dartmoor for three whole days next week.