By: Blonde One

After the recent training non-event Blonde One and Little Miss Blonde visited the very lovely Ullacombe Farm for a quick cup of coffee and we discovered the need for a new kind of training: coffee cup training. I bet, like us, you didn’t realise that this would ever be a necessity, but you would believe me if you could have seen us trying to fathom out the best way of holding the mugs. Holding the actual mug with the whole hand proved impossible without burns (the coffee was good and hot, unlike certain other trendy coffee shops that shall remain nameless). Two fingers would not fit through the handle, so we had to resort to just using the forefinger. This was quite unsuccessful as we found that the mug was so big that it was hard to hold the weight of it with just one finger. A straw was out of the question (mostly because we didn’t want to look too silly). Our solution was to sit and chat, order a toasted tea cake and wait for the coffee to cool down.


We thus decided that we needed coffee cup training for our forefingers. We aren’t sure what exercises we should do to strengthen our fingers as this is beyond our normal scope of training schedules. Any suggestions will therefore be gratefully received.