By: Blonde One

This week I was lucky enough to have gone to a new place with some new people and I was very excited (in a very Blonde way)! I have been to the Brecon Beacons before but this week saw Blonde One, jelly babies and kids in a new part of The Beacons (I used to call them ‘The Brecons’ but have been reliably informed by a local that I should refer to them as The Beacons). It was out of my comfort zone as I’m not the expert in the area and I was as much a novice as the youngsters! I spent hours studying the maps (a very Two Blonde’s type hobby), doing internet research (not a very Blonde One type hobby) and generally getting myself ready. Although I was excited about the trip, I was also slightly nervous about the terrain! Those contour lines were VERY close together.

It’s surely a good sign that the preparation for an expedition is equally as good as the trip itself isn’t it?

Details to follow in the next blog…