By: Blonde One

This Blonde has a rather expensive habit … Is it new cars, you ask? No.

Is it gambling on racehorses? No.

Is it sparkly jewellery? Well, ok, I have two expensive habits then!

The habit I’m referring to this time is shoes! I love shoes! I haven’t counted up how many I have but there must be in excess of 40 pairs. (I’ve frightened myself with that estimate.) I have a multitude of colours, even multi coloured ones. I have flat ones, high ones, wedges, trainers, flip flops, sandals and sling backs. To name but a few. Nothing gives me more pleasure (except Dartmoor or buying outdoor kit) than shoe shopping. When I go on holiday I usually end up with as many shoes as the number of days away. So a 2 week holiday requires quite a sizeable luggage allowance! It’s a very good job Mr Blonde One travels light.

The Two Blondes are travelling to the Isle of Man, as you know, and I have been having a dilemma about which shoes to take. Space is limited so I can’t take a pair for each day – that would be 10 pairs and even I admit that is far too many. I’m not going to tell you on here how many I have decided on because Blonde Two might tell me off and confiscate some.

The other shoe related dilemma is which ones to wear on the long drive to Liverpool. This is a serious matter: I don’t want hot feet, slippery soles, flip flops or rigid boots. I decided that the only answer was to buy some new ones! These are now my bus driving shoes and they are beautiful. What do you think!?


They are my first Salomon purchase and I’m absolutely positive that they will perfect in every way and my favourite shoe … until the next pair!