By: Blonde Two

Mapping giants Ornamental Sorbet have recently blamed the great British weather for their decision to make a massive turnaround on their popular Get Outside campaign. Nicky Gillespie, mammoth director for Ornamental Sorbet’s entertainment division has indicated that the recent arrival of storms Georgina, Fionn, Eleanor, Dylan, Caroline, Brian and Aileen has caused a reversal of opinion on the Get Outside theme. ‘It just isn’t a good idea anymore, we told people to Get Outside and now they are getting wet, cold and, quite frankly, grumpy. The nation isn’t ready for this level of bad mood.’

Ornamental Sorbet have come up with an alternative campaign, Stay Inside, which is set to wow the masses and cause a rise in new indoor hobbies such as ‘kite sofa-ing’, ‘stairaineering’, ‘boulstering’ and ‘beverage navigation’. Ornamental Sorbet’s new app OS Naps is being launched later this year and has been designed to help people have as many daytime sleeps as possible. ‘People just don’t snooze enough,’ said Nicky Gillespie, ‘We all know how good sleep is for us and OS Naps is the perfect tool to help us all do it properly.’

Lounge Camping – a recommended Stay Inside activity

OS Naps demonstrates a range of innovative tools all designed to aid the Stay Inside campaign. Beta testers are currently enjoying the ‘Nap Spot Location’, ‘Coffee Cup Orientation’ and ‘Pillow Risk Assessment’ elements of the app. Ornamental Sorbet’s small but select team of Stay Inside Champions are on hand to provide social media encouragement and support and the organisation is deciding whether to host its annual Stay Inside conference at IKEA Birmingham or run a virtual ‘sofa conference’ to make sure that nobody goes outside.

The Stay Inside campaign looks like a winner, have you spotted a sticker yet?