By: Blonde One

There are many things that were good about last weekend. The weather, the teams’ achievements, Blonde Two’s amazing management, etc, etc. But the one thing that makes an expedition really special to both Blondes and at least one of our Young Leaders is the presence of a new piece of kit. I am pleased to say that we have passed our love of shiny new kit to one Young Leader in particular and between us we are enthralled by throw lines (not normally necessary on Dartmoor), go giddy at group shelters and fantasize about first aid kits! We generally take it in turns to purchase new kit and between the three of us spend many happy hours drooling over each others gadgets. The last thing to cause ‘kit envy’ was our Young Leader’s first aid kit. It was stuffed full of fantastic bits and pieces. It was all packed into a neat, zipped bag with all sorts of pockets. To top it all, the whole first aid kit came in its own red dry bag. It was definitely a thing of beauty. The time before that was Blonde Two’s new rucksack. The fin pockets, elastic strapping just right for a roll mat and perfectly sized zipped top pocket all deserved and received lots of admiration.

This weekend it was my turn. For a long time I have relied on B2 and her stove to boil me some water to make that desperately needed coffee. This weekend I introduced the … Jetboil’. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with it and am happy to announce that it exceeded all expectations. It is quick, attractive (very important in the Blonde world) and cleverly packs away into itself. If you have never used one I recommend that you try (really hard) to get your hands on one.


Our Young Leader is ready with his Jetboil (yes, he did get one first) to have a Jetboil race.