By: Blonde One


The Blonde One family and Numbers have just returned from the most amazing trip. It probably rates as being one of the best trips that I have been on! We were 350 km north of the Arctic Circle and as you can imagine it was cold. Temperatures ranged from just above freezing on some days  to other days having a wind chill factor of -15°. As you may remember, I don’t warm up very easily, so this trip was a challenge like no other. I heeded the advice of the Arctic Norwegians and wrapped up in wool and down, and most of the time I was warm enough. (Good old nature!)

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The scenery was just stunning. I have been very lucky and been to some amazing places: I have seen vistas that have taken my breath away and left me feeling in awe. But Tromso beat them all, I think. We have returned with some gorgeous photos that serve as a good reminder but nothing will ever show the magic of the reality. Perhaps we were so in awe because each day consisted of a mere 3 hours of daylight, at most. When I say daylight, I actually mean it was dimpsy. The sun doesn’t rise above the horizon between November and late January in Tromso and so the short days don’t really get light at all. It is a strange thing to be going about your normal business at 3 in the afternoon when it is pitch black. The evenings seem very long and we were often tricked into thinking that it was perhaps 9 or 10 pm when really it was just 5 or 6. There was a calm and tranquil atmosphere everywhere we went and I think that was partly because of the subdued natural lighting. The sky was always amazing and every day we were treated to a palette of extraordinary colours above us. We saw the Northern Lights and they were fabulous but only equal to what we saw every day during the daylight hours.

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