By: Blonde Two

Find your 2021 adventure with OS Maps

I don’t know about you but for me, new year’s resolutions rarely have satisfactory outcomes. I have known a few successes such as my 50 Sleeps for 50 Years Challenge but in general, as New Year slips into spring, I find myself distracted.

Here’s a new year possibility that might suit you though. How about exploring your local (or hopefully more distant) landscapes through online maps? With the OS Maps app at your fingertips, you can have access to mapping wherever you are in England, Scotland or Wales.

Paper maps and online maps

As you know I am a huge fan of paper maps and have a growing collection but I do use OS Maps a lot, particularly for adventure planning and when I am travelling around.

A map will always open up all kinds of adventure (big and small) possibilities but exploration is made even easier with OS Maps because it gives you access to walking, cycling and even (shudder) running routes, as well as helping you to create your own. If you prefer a paper map, OS Maps even allows you to print the areas you need.

New year mapping discount

The great news is that Ordnance Survey are currently offering a £5 discount for their annual OS Maps subscription. That means that you can have access to maps for the whole of Great Britain for a whole year, for only £18.99. Thousands more people discovered routes and green spaces via OS Maps in 2020.

Why not join them today and make 2021 your year for exploring… wherever you find yourself.

Two Blondes Walking have an affiliate advertising relationship with Ordnance Survey.