By: Blonde Two

Back in the days when fish tanks were all the rage, I had a newt, he was called Tiny because he was minute (do you get it?)Newt Lizard

When the little fella pictured above scampered across my Dartmoor path yesterday, I assumed that he too was a newt.  I was a bit confused though, by the lack of pond, bog or puddle for him to swim in.  He, on the other hand didn’t appear to be at all confused and headed off very purposely once he had said, “Hello.”

A bit of research upon my return produced some interesting news; not only do we have common newts on Dartmoor, but we also have common lizards (as well as common ponies, common sheep and common cows, but let’s not over-complicate the issue).

My problem is that I can’t decide whether my four-legged friend was a newt, a lizard or some new-fangled type of mini-dinosaur.  He had the right stripes for a lizard and was about 12 cm long.  As I am not sure, for now I am going to call him New Lizzy. Any experts out there?