By: Blonde Two

What will you be doing next Tuesday?

We Blondes will be in London doing something really exciting. We will attending a publicity day with all of the other Ordnance Survey Champions. I am not really sure what happens at a publicity day because I haven’t been to one before; but I know that we are going to be interviewed, that we will talk to lots of interesting outdoorsy people and that we are going to have our photo taken. I don’t think the photography experience will be quite like this.

IMGP2025 Small

Attendance at this event will take a lot of Blonde planning. This will be a departure from the expedition norm; the packing must be compact but include such important items as walking boots, rucksacks, shampoo, hair dryers and straighteners (Blonde locks must look their finest).

London isn’t the first destination choice for those who love the outdoors, but I have been reliably informed that there will be a trig pillar at the studio (I know! Studio!) Apparently there are actual trig points in London, but I can’t find any of them on the map. At least next Tuesday I will among people who will be able to explain this situation to me.