By: Blonde Two

Header image borrowed from The Western Daily Press

There has been some good Devon news today; the wild beavers that are living in the River Otter (the first wild ones spotted in England for a very long time), have been declared free of tapeworm. This apparently means that they and their kits are now allowed to go back the their watery home, and do whatever it is that beavers do.

It tickled me and seemed a little bit Blonde, that we Devonshires have managed to have grow our beavers in a river called Otter.

That got me to wondering what other strange river/animal partnerships we might be able to find.

Would we discover swordfish in the River Axe?
Might there be oranges in the River Lemon?
And peaches in the Cherry Brook?
Maybe some Toads in the River Mole?
Could there be Bees in the O Brook?
Or Eddies in the River Sid?

Is it possible that the River Walkham is running?
Perhaps the River Dart is strolling?
Does the River Bray sometimes roar?
Is it true that the River Burn is freezing?
Or that the cattle in the Cowsic are actually healthy?

Whatever the truth is about our rivers, the beavers have proved that there are surprises to be found. We Blondes will have to keep our eyes open!