By: Blonde One


You might think that once you’ve seen one stone circle, you’ve seen them all, and for some people that might be true I suppose. But for me, I never tire of finding the antiquities that Dartmoor does so well. The recent stone circle that I found was just outside Belstone village and is marked on the Ordnance Survey maps as Nine Stones a cairn circle.

According to the most excellent Legendary Dartmoor website if you visit the Nine Maidens site at noon you will see the stones swaying! We didn’t visit until the end of the day so I can’t verify this claim, but I’m absolutely sure that it must be true! The stones are said to have been nine maidens from the village who broke the sabbath and were dancing on a Sunday. They were turned to stone as their punishment and forced to dance every day at noon.

Apparently if you try to count the stones you get to a different total each time as they keep moving and prevent an accurate count. I’ll leave that to you to see how many you get, but don’t be surprised if you don’t get nine!