By: Blonde One


You might have heard of the NNAS if you are a navigator or a teacher of navigation, but for those that are unfamiliar with it let me explain.

The National Navigation Award Scheme gives accreditation for navigation skills. There are 3 stages: Bronze, Silver and Gold and it is used by numerous groups including youth groups such as DofE and Scouts. For several years the Two Blondes have used it to give recognition to the students that we work with.

The Bronze Award requires basic skills such as understanding map symbols and using handrails, Silver requires skills such as navigating at night and using back bearings, and to achieve Gold, as you would expect, you need to demonstrate high level skills such as navigating by contours alone and have some leadership skills such as first aid and dynamic planning.

The scheme is excellent as it provides a framework for teaching navigation and it provides that all important certificate. Let’s face it, we all love a certificate, don’t we?