By: Blonde Two

I don’t know if you are the same as me but whenever I go on holiday, I like to imagine what it would be like to live there and often have a peek into estate agent windows to choose my perfect house and find out which house I could actually afford.  The Two Blondes love this game and are always finding new houses when they are out on their walks around Dartmoor.

We have big discussions about who would buy which house and which area of the moor would be beautiful (most of them) or practical for work (none of them).  My perfect Dartmoor house has a sunny back garden with a gate that opens onto moorland, it is in a hamlet and the shop and pub are within easy walking distance.  There is probably a stream running by (which never floods) and there is definitely a view from the front over a stone walled valley.

On Saturday, we walked with a group of youngsters from Widecombe and went past a house that could have been the perfect Blonde house.  We had already chosen one each at Dunstone.  This had been a very Blonde moment – Dunstone is mentioned in our Dartmoor 365 book and we knew that we could tick off another square if we found a cross that has previously eluded us.  The girls we were walking with were walking quite slowly so, as we passed the little lane up to Dunstone, we caught each other’s eye and both veered off to the right shouting “carry on walking” to our group and ran up the hill (Blonde running).  We didn’t find the cross so if anyone knows where it is, do let us know.

Anyway, the possible perfect house was a bit later on the walk.  It met lots of the criteria but the best thing about it was that it was two houses joined together.  What could be more perfect?  One house for family Blonde Two and the other for family Blonde One.  We could go walking whenever we wanted and share the (rather long) drive to work.


If you look closely at the picture, you will see that there is a room between the two houses above the archway.  I had a brief moment of concern when considering which one of us should get the extra room but Blonde One had the perfect solution – the extra room could be a Two Blondes map room.  It would have a door opening from each side and a huge table by the window from which we could plan our adventures.  Can you imagine having a map room?  What a wonderful thing that would be!

We will find another perfect house next time we are out on Dartmoor – what a shame we can’t buy them all!