By: Blonde Two

I don’t know about Blonde One but I feel a bit like a nomad at the moment.  In our Blonde wisdom, last July we thought it would be a grand idea to say yes to three expeditions on three consecutive weeks in three different places.

So here we find ourselves and our little troupe of followers, two out of three expeditions down and one more to go.  Exmoor-Dartmoor-Isle of Man (I have had to memorise it). There were times last week when we thought we were going to pop our brains trying to discuss what had happened on Exmoor, what was happening on Dartmoor and what needed to happen before the Isle of Man.  To make things even more confusing, I am back up on Exmoor this weekend for a family party and planning for a trip to Austria with Mr B2 when I get back from the Isle of Man.

I have become so confused with my packing now that I just take it all everywhere. Which is why I found myself this warm and sunny week in a comfy-bedded bunk house with my Thermarest sleeping mat, two sets of waterproofs and lots of hand warmers. Maybe we Blondes should buy a yak, move into a yurt and be done with it!