By: Blonde One

It is almost compulsory to go on a Northern Lights Chase when in Tromso and we did just that. We travelled out into the countryside in the hope of catching one of the most spectacular natural phenomenon: the aurora borealis. After an hour or so of setting up cameras and waiting with all eyes pointing upward we were greeted by the lights. We weren’t lucky enough to see a strong display but it didn’t matter; the sight that we saw was amazing. For over an hour we watched the lights coming and going and dancing around above us. Mr Blonde One was in his element capturing the moments on camera.

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The science is absolutely fascinating and certainly adds to the magic but it’s the many legends that really caught my interest. These stories are retold with glee by the locals:

In times gone by when Norwegian houses had outside toilets, all houses would have twin toilets outside. This was because they felt it wasn’t safe to venture outside alone when the lights were seen in case the spirits took you away.

Whistling, waving or singing at the Northern Lights is a sign of bad luck and some believe that the spirits will come down and steal you away if you do this. We didn’t do this, so got back safely.

Waving a white flag at the lights is thought to send it away and stop any of the bad luck that is associated with the lights.

I’m glad that neither myself or Little Miss Blonde were pregnant, as looking at the lights whilst pregnant will cause you to have cross-eyed children!

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Whatever you believe, there is no doubt that these lights have something truly magical about them.