By: Blonde Two

I’m back and I am just wearing a towel!

‘Back from where?’ I hear you ask. Well if you haven’t noticed I have been away you can be forgiven because I have had such a sensational time (as in using all of the senses). The actual answer is long, Malvern, London, Northern Norway, London, Belgium, France, Cheltenham, Malvern (plus an 2-night unexpected stop at Torbay Hospital), but it is Norway that has me sitting here, towel-wrapped after my shower, the urge to put fingertip to keyboard far greater than the urge to don knickers.

I have so much to tell you I think I might burst but I am not going to do it today… I have a mind to keep you waiting, but here are a few hints:

The midnight sun (an almost existential experience)

Plunging icy mountains (a startling contrast to the closely quartered white sand beaches)

Wildlife (you will meet Sven and a pair of pure white night shades)

Camp life (including snow washes and camp fires)

Nordkapp (the top of Europe at 71 degrees N)

You are going to have to wait for now, enjoy the pictures… I am off to find some underwear!