By: Blonde Two

Well the Two Blondes are back after their three day DofE Diamond Challenge Silver (style) expedition across Dartmoor. We are definitely not teenagers anymore and after carrying much heavier packs than usual, have come back with renewed respect for our youngsters!


We will tell you all more about it soon, but here are a few Blonde quotes:

“Wind is not my friend.”
“Look I’ve found you another bog.”
“This is a lovely tent.”


“You can be accommodation officer again.”
“What do I feel like eating?”
“Hello lamb, where is your Mummy?”


“No we can’t cross the river here.”
“No we can’t cross the river here.”
“No I don’t want to cross the river here.”
“Oh look I did cross the river here!”

But my absolute favourite (and of course I am not going to tell you which Blonde uttered it):

“I’m not feeling very ‘movey’ today!”


I am not sure that I will ever feel very ‘movey’ again. This is definitely a young Blonde’s game, but here is a picture of us at the end, still with our heavy bags and still on our (quite sore) feet!