By: Blonde Two

This title sounds remarkably like the rather melancholy poem ‘Not Waving but Drowning’ by Stevie Smith. I watched an informative video the other day about what someone who is drowning actually looks like (I hope I never find out first hand but it pays to be prepared). The Outdoor Swimming Society has some top information and advice.

Anyway, I haven’t been drowning during my morning sea swims, rather the opposite problem in fact. I can currently only stay in the sea for 15 minutes because of the cold, but trying to use that 15 minutes for actual swimming is proving difficult because I can’t get used to the level of floating I am doing.

I’m not complaining about floating, generally speaking it is a good idea, but floating and swimming front crawl seem to be mutually incompatible. I am getting there but every now and again I come out of a stroke on the back-side of a wave and find myself swimming in a pit of mid-air. It is all good fun and to date I haven’t swallowed too much sea. My biggest dilemma however, is my feet. Feet in wetsuit booties float, feet not in wetsuit booties don’t.

Yesterday morning I opted for not freezing but floating!