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Caribbean holidays

When you want to plan a trip to the Caribbean, you should consider where you want to go, what you want to do, and how long you would like to stay in each location. There are some amazing beaches listed below that offer you amazing photo spots, great places to walk, and nice coast towns that you should visit.

Where should you stay on your trip?

Luxury villas in the Caribbean provide you with access to some of the best beaches you will ever see. When you say in a villa, you can have a look at the beach every morning when you wake up. You can walk on the beach or explore further afield. You can take a morning walk, walk at night under the stars, or have a bonfire at night.

Plus, the beach is a great place to work out if you want to exercise with your partner on your trip. This is a lovely idea for a romantic trip, and it is a good way to help your family relax after a long year filled with work and responsibilities.

Try the Bahamas

One of the best places to stay in this area is the Bahamas because you can stay on a private island with direct beach access, in a resort that has beach access, or you can rent a villa that allows you to walk to the beach. Several Bahamian islands have been developed into luxury villas that you can visit, or you can stay on the big island with other vacationers you might like to get to know.

Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island is likely the most unique beach in the region but if you fancy a walk, how about the Bimini walking trail on Andros Island?

Go to Turks and Caicos

When you head out to Turks and Caicos, you will find one of the slowest and most quiet places to visit. You can walk on the beach every morning with no trouble, and you can enjoy walking on the beach for most of the day because this place tends to stay quiet. You will not be overrun by tourists, and you can relax with your family every day in a place like Grace Bay if you like.

If you fancy a bit more exploring, why not enjoy the birdlife at Northwest Point Marine National Park.

Try Jamaica

You must take a road trip around Jamaica if you want to see all the best beaches in the Caribbean. Most people who come to Jamaica think that they will see Bob Marley statues and resorts. However, there are many quiet beaches outside the big resort towns that you will truly enjoy. Ocho Rios also allows you to surf because of the amazing waves they get there.

You could stay in Kingston where beach access allows you to stay in a private place. Plus, you could head out to Negril where the beaches are white, quiet, and offer unending views of the sea. Seven Mile Beach alone will give you enough reason to visit Jamaica.

For a more challenging and rewarding hike, check out the 14-mile Blue Mountain Peak trail.

Visit Anguilla

Anguilla is very small, but it has 33 major beaches that you can visit during your trip. Shoal Bay East is by far the most popular, and it provides you with amazing picture spots along with nice waves. Plus, you can head to Meads Bay for the rocky coasts that remind you of pirates or Rendezvous Island where you rest on beaches that seem like they have never been touched.

To explore urban and coastal areas, take the Commonwealth Walkway around this stunning island.

The British Virgin Islands

When you come to the British Virgin Islands, you can enjoy amazing beaches on tiny islands that will give you every reason to walk morning, noon, and night. This beautiful island chain has Smuggler’s Cove and Cane Garden Bay. Plus, you can head over to Jost Van Dyke if you want to see a beach that hosts parties every night of the year.

If party nights aren’t your thing, you might want to take in the 360 degree views from Gorda Peak, definitely worth the short walk.

Walking in the Caribbean

When you come to the Caribbean for your next holiday, you can walk several beaches, take a road trip around Jamaica, or visit several small islands on your quest for the best beaches. Choose the beaches that keep your kids happy, the beaches that allow you to have a romantic walk, and find a villa that allows you to walk out to the beach and enjoy some longer walks if you want.


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