By: Blonde One

I’ve recently had the opportunity to work with some old friends. I spent time with a new Ten Tors manager who was working together with Brummie, one of our experienced Young Leaders from the recent past. It was a treat!

Watching Brummie deal with being in this new situation was such a pleasure for Blonde Two and I that it almost overshadowed our pleasure at being out in the stunning (if foggy and rainy) Dartmoor. Brummie has become an adult and those few months of not seeing him or working with him meant that we were witnessing a real transform. He has always been a great Young Leader but his levels of maturity have increased by more than the actual number of months that have passed since we last saw him. Whilst we were there, he had some potentially difficult conversations with Ten Tors trainees and staff and showed that he was now every inch a ‘Leader’.

Blonde Two and I almost had a ‘proud Mum’ moment!

Blonde Two once talked about me giving these Young Leaders a gift that they might not realise they had been given, well in this situation one of these fine Young Leaders was returning the gift to me. I didn’t invest time and energy in the Young Leaders for any sort of return; it was good enough to think that they might heed my advice to ‘get out there’. This weekend however I received a fantastic gift as I saw Brummie confidently demonstrating the skills that he was still learning last time I saw him.