By: Blonde Two

November 6th 2020

With another month of national lockdown in England ahead of us, it is only natural for our thoughts to turn longingly to our favourite outdoor spaces. Dartmoor National Park Authority’s latest  coronavirus update is really helpful, and will answer all your questions about visiting Dartmoor during lockdown. We recommend taking a look for yourself but here are the answers to some of your most pressing questions:

Can I visit Dartmoor during the November lockdown?

Exercise is permitted during this lockdown but it should be with your household/support bubble and just one other person. If at all possible, exercise should be local. If you do visit Dartmoor, the National Park Authority suggest trying to avoid busier times and areas.

Will Dartmoor car parks and toilets be open during lockdown?

National Park Authority car parks are currently open. Please use these and avoid parking in other places where you might block access. Toilets are open at Haytor, Meldon, Dartmeet and Postbridge. DNPA are asking that we limit entry to two people, and that we show patience with cleaning staff who are taking extra precautions at this time.

Can I wild camp on Dartmoor during lockdown?

Government guidelines currently state no overnight stays away from home so Dartmoor National Park Authority are requesting we don’t camp on Dartmoor at this time.

How can I look after Dartmoor during this time?

Being considerate of local communities, sticking to guidelines regarding masks, hand washing and physical distancing, and taking our rubbish home will all help us to look after our moor for more happy times.


Even if you live a long way from your favourite outdoor place, the good news is it will definitely still be there in December or whenever this latest lockdown ends. Stay safe everyone, and don’t forget how much you enjoyed exploring your local green spaces during lockdown one. That was springtime, they will all look very different as we move from autumn into winter. Happy exploring!