By: Blonde Two

We Blondes introduced you to Dartmoor’s Figgie Daniel back in March he is an amusing character; that is he will be an amusing character in the children’s story that we are hopefully releasing next year.

We have decided that the name ‘Figgie’ relates to eating habits, and that Figgie Daniel does indeed love a bit of Figgie Pudding. If you are visiting him, you have to be careful to supply the correct pudding; you must find one that contains suet (Figgie is definitely not a vegetarian), is made to a traditional 15th Century recipe and it has been steamed for 3 -4 hours.

Steaming seems to have, in recent years, been adopted by ‘Those-Who-Love-Green’. In my childhood, its use was restricted to a wobbly metal tower, containing Christmas and treacle puddings, that sat on the stove for the whole of Christmas morning.

Figgie Pudding

Pudding lovers would maybe not object to being smothered in white sauce and topped with a sprig of holly. However, Holly was not keen!