By: Blonde Two


The title, ‘Guided Dartmoor Walks’ sounds very posh doesn’t it? Believe us, we wanted to call this post, ‘Blonde Bimbles’ or ‘Girly Walks’; but the search engines demand that we bloggers use words that they recognise.

What I am trying to tell you Blondees and Blondettes about is our latest Blonde-Venture. Not content with teaching the nation’s youth about Dartmoor, we have now decided to do the same thing with Normal-People. We are offering bespoke Blonde-Guided-Bimbles, Blonde-Navigation-Training and Wild-Blonde-Camps.

Except that we aren’t normal; and we don’t expect people who want to come on a Wild-Blonde-Camp or a Blonde-Navigation-Session to be normal either. We expect them to be fun, eager and good at eating Jelly Babies … we can teach them everything else that they need to know.

Who knows, our first customer might be you and your office mates. Come out Dartmoor Blonding with us, you know that you want to. Find out more here: