By: Blonde Two

Despite Londinium sounding like a place out of a Marvel Comic, it is this Blonde’s destination today for a couple of nights (am kind of hoping Batman will be there).  Londinium is, of course, the pre Roman name for our capital city.  One of my favourite things in London is the statue of Boudicca in her war chariot which stands next to Westminster Bridge.  She looks very pleased with herself despite having such tiny daughters (take a look for yourself, they are weeny in comparison to their giant mother).  Obviously such a powerful warrior would have been a Blonde – although she was pretty horrid to the women of London when she got there.

So last night I had to pack a completely different sort of bag to my usual camp rucksack/daysack.  It caused great consternation, I can tell you.  So much outdoors packing has left me almost incapable of deciding what I will need for a trip that includes hotels, shops, a conference, restaurants and a show.  The shoes were a particular issue – I am going to have to stand up all day, walk around quite a lot and push my way onto the tube so the obvious choice would have been my trusty walking boots (maybe even with crampons).  Needless to say, I have chosen slightly more pretty footwear but I know that a point will come when I long for the comfort and protection of my boots.  Likewise a jacket, my walking waterproof would be ideal but I will probably be silly and go for something that won’t keep me warm, won’t keep the rain off and won’t pack into my handbag.  And handbags, these are also strange creatures.  Rucksacks are much more sensible but for some odd reason, my daysack doesn’t seem … well very Londony.

As ever, in the World of Two Blondes, I have a tricky mission to complete while I am in London.  I have been reliably informed that Fortnum and Mason’s Jelly Babies are as good as Bassett’s ones.  See this fabulous comparison  Of course, these posh interlopers have not been tested out in the wild yet so my mission is to find some and bring them home for field (bog) testing.

I wander if map and compass navigation will work on the tube … see you on the other side!