By: Blonde One

As I looked at my shiny new Moroccan map (blogged about recently) I came to the sudden realisation that I might have bitten off more than I can chew with this trip. My initial excitement gave way to terror as I remembered my age and the fact that I am just a normal person, mother, wife, DofE Manager, etc and I am not really cut out for this mountaineering lark! It is a massive understatement to say that I am now a little nervous. How am I going to get up a 4,167 metre mountain in 40° heat with a bunch of fit teenagers? My fear is increased when I remember that the Two Blondes will not be together in this trek. Normally I can rely on Blonde Two to put my over-anxious mind to rest: who will give me a metaphorical kick up the bum on this trip? How will I ever manage to be calm enough to comfort and encourage equally nervous kids? So many questions flying through my head! Oh crikey!

Words like ‘summit’, ‘base camp’ and ‘altitude’ are now haunting me and keep jumping into my mind when I least expect them. Surely a true Blonde would be having thoughts of ‘cocktails’, ‘beaches’ and ‘relaxation’ at this time of year?

I can only hope that in normal Blonde One style I will ‘dig in’ at the right moment and surprise myself as I reach that summit at 4,167 metres!