By: Blonde Two

Today I will finally be doing something that I have been thinking about doing for a very long time. Despite my best attempts (camomile tea, swimming and Elgar) not to be nervous about it, I am. I have had this date in my diary since early summer; but the thought has been in my head for much longer than that.

I am not going to tell you what the something is until I decide whether or not I think it has gone well; but I will tell you what it will involve. I will spend part of the day on Dartmoor, I will listen to some passionate people talking about what they do, I will admire their vehicles, I will do some navigation, there will undoubtedly be mud, my kit will be checked, I will worry about where to go to the loo, I won’t walk as fast as everybody else, I will wish I had brought the other car, I will forget something important, I will say something really stupid and sound proper Blonde … see what I mean? Nerves taking over as I type.

Hopefully nerves will disappear when I arrive, and Calm-Competent-Blonde-Two will replace this pale shaky version. Boy oh boy, I really wish Blonde One was coming with me!