By: Blonde Two

Well dear Blondees and Blondettes, as you can see from out new front page picture, the Two Blondes and their Cobleys did make it to Widecombe Fair on Tuesday.  Thanks to work, it was a late arrival so we missed our welcome party, the giant Blonde cake and the cow horn fanfare but we are Blonde and had fun anyway!

My main fair goal (from childhood) was to talk to the actual real life Uncle Tom Cobley.  We did see him (here he is but I was overcome with shyness and didn’t ask for a) a photo, b) his autograph, c) a ride on the anybody’s grey mare.

We only had a couple of hours so we had a whistle stop tour.

Here are some of the highlights:

Sheep tossing.  (Oops, did it again, I spent all day yesterday saying that wrong!)

Start again Blonde Two.  Here are some of the highlights;

Fruit and vegetable animals.  After careful consideration, we decided that we would have awarded first Blonde prize to the cucumber caterpillar.

Old tractors.  For reasons that I am not going to divulge in public, I have a particular fondness for tractors of all ages, colours and sizes.  Did you know that Mr Porsche once designed one?  It is true, I have seen it.

Sheep shearing.  I haven’t seen a good sheep shearing since my young days in New Zealand.  It was very impressive although we were slightly disappointed to find out that none of the sheep were called Shaun.

Hay tossing.  Now you can see why I have been a bit confused on the tossing front.  We did enjoy watching the hay tossing, who wouldn’t.  I have hauled a few bales myself in my time and was itching (hay is itchy) to have a go.

Pork Rolling.  Please don’t misunderstand me here.  Nobody, as far as we were aware, was rolling pigs down a hill but the Two Blondes got hungry, the crackling looked crackly and suddenly, there we were, midfield with two pork rolls clutched in two Blonde mits. Nothing else to do in that situation … we were forced to eat them!

A short visit but we Blondes feel like we managed to squash a lot of the fun of the Widecombe Fair into our little time box (we are good with time).  We are already hatching cunning plots to find some a bigger time box for next year!