By: Blonde Two

I went to a wedding this weekend.  It was the wedding of the daughter of a dear friend (the first of our combined total of six children) so quite an occasion for both of us.  It was a lovely day full of lots of lovely people, sausages and mash (all weddings should have that) and a fair few glasses wine.  I didn’t do any walking (completely the wrong shoes and a rather too revealing dress) but I did get some time in between the chatter, the bubble blowing and the rowdy singing to do a bit of Blonde contemplation.

As at all weddings, there were young-people, older-people and in-the-middle people.  I currently class myself as an in-the-middle (this is completely different from being middle aged) person and have decided that this is exactly the right person to be.  When I wasn’t pretending that I could dance, I sat, with some of the other in-the-middle people and watched the young-people.  The girls clearly spent the whole time worrying about what they looked like, looking longingly at boys and trying not to wobble off the rather precarious platforms that were adorning their feet.  The boys, on the other hand, spent their time drinking so many pints that they started to dribble them down their chins, looking down the girls dresses longingly (this was obviously proving difficult due to the enplatformed girls) and sticking their chests out (this confused me a bit because I though we girls were supposed to do that).

How lovely to have reached a place in your life where you are just happy to be you, where you know your own lumps, bumps and faults and where you expect people to accept you just for being who you are.  I would suggest that it has been quite long and hard work making progress up this lofty mental mountain, I can’t remember all of it but the wedding youngsters brought a few things back to memory (too embarrassing to share).

I have no idea what comes next, do I head back down again or shall I camp at the top of Mount Acceptance for the foreseeable?  Whichever way, I am going to have a jolly good picnic before I decide.