By: Blonde Two

By Blonde One

On a school night this is the usual routine:
• Leave the office at 5.30pm ish
• Drive home
• Work at the dining room table
• Eat dinner (cooked by Mr Blonde One)
• Do some more work at the dining room table
• Move to the settee to watch some inane TV while doing a little bit of inane work
• Go to bed
Boring, I think you’ll agree? So when my very good friend, JuLu and I decided to do something different, I felt a little bit naughty to be breaking from the normal humdrum routine. We decided to travel up to Dartmoor, have tea in the pub with Blonde Two and then stay in a very lovely camping barn. It was a perfect evening; there was laughing, chips, beer, wood burning and lots more laughing.

School Night B1 3

For a camping barn it was very well equipped and we soon felt at home.

School Night B1 1

We made good use of the toilet and shower, electric lights, benches and gas stove. We soon chose to sleep on the mezzanine floor above the wood burner (hoping it would be warmer) and listened to the bats doing their thing. We had a fair night sleep and woke up with a pretty view past the barn’s own mini clapper bridge, over the fields to Hound Tor, looking forward to a pleasing drive across the moors to work.

School Night B1 4
I can recommend making an effort to do something different on a school night and I really hope that I’ll be doing it again very soon.